"I have been having regular sessions (every couple of months) with Jo since moving to the area several years ago. I have been having such regular "tune-ups" for over four decades now. I am now 68 and give such consistent acupuncture a great deal of credit for my ongoing good health. That includes having Covid in March with only low-grade symptoms. I have been blessed in having some top-notch practitioners over the years as life has moved me around and I keep with Jo because she is right up there with the best of them. Unreservedly recommended."

Jon F.

"I was diagnosed with Dupeytrons constriction affecting my left hand. My GP said there was little they could do until it got worse and then an operation that was not going to be a cure. I saw Jo and after two treatments I could straighten my fingers again. This was nearly two years ago and to this day I still have full use of my hand. To me, it felt miraculous and Jo has my undying respect and gratitude."


"Thank you so much for all that you have done for me over the past 10 months. You have been a wonderful listening ear throughout my journey and have shown me so much kindness and compassion. You have calmed me down when I needed it most and helped me to believe in my body again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"Before I met Jo and discovered acupuncture, I was severely fatigued both emotionally and physically. I suffered with menopausal symptoms, hot flushes, night sweats, bloated, could not think straight and a level of anxiety that was through the roof.

Thanks to Jo’s amazing knowledge, treatment and suggestions for lifestyle changes, I feel like a new person. Acupuncture has not only relieved my menopausal symptoms, I sleep better, I do not have night sweats or hot flushes and I cannot remember the last time I felt anxious. It has also had other benefits that I did not ask for treatment for! I had always suffered with extreme eczema and apart from the odd flare up it has almost disappeared.  I feel generally calmer and my energy levels have definitely improved.

I cannot thank Jo enough for changing my life from the very first appointment. She is so professional and has always made me feel so comfortable and listened to.  I think Jo is amazing and cannot recommend her highly enough."


"Before discovering acupuncture, I had been suffering badly for many years with cluster migraines. There is absolutely no doubt that acupuncture treatment has all but stopped these terrible headaches. Jo Phillips has been treating me since moving to Fordingbridge. I cannot recommend her practice higher; Jo is totally professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable in the field of this treatment. From my first visit and every time since, my treatment has been first class and successful. Brilliant!"


"Thank you for your continued support during our fertility trials.

I really appreciate your time, patience and expertise in helping me.

I will certainly be back for more acupuncture as it truly made a difference."


"Several years ago I was diagnosed with possible Meniere's Disease, a complicated inner ear disorder , I suffered with vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus. I was treated by a local Doctor who prescribed medication to help with the condition. I was disappointed that the medication did not help my condition as much as I had hoped. A friend suggested Acupuncture and recommended Jo. Jo has been treating me for over 3 years and I cannot thank her enough, I have not had an attack of Vertigo for a very long time , hearing loss and Tinnitus have improved immensely. Jo has improved my quality of life and I cannot recommend Jo enough , she is extremely knowledgeable, reassuring and professional. I could not see Jo due to coronavirus and my condition deteriorated. I was so pleased to get an appointment and was very impressed with the process. The procedures in place to protect the patient are second to none. I have had one appointment so far and already feeling much better."

Jon M.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

"My son has been having acupuncture for his hayfever from Jo and I can honestly say it has been literally life changing for him. Before he saw Jo he suffered with hayfever symptoms all summer and, despite taking all of his prescription medications every single day, he was utterly miserable and hated being outside or even having the windows open. His mild asthma was also exacerbated by the hayfever and he was having to use his inhalers a lot more. I was astounded at the difference the acupuncture made. He was a different boy and so much happier throughout the summer months. I think he used his eye drops once the whole summer!"


"I highly recommend Jo Phillips Acupuncture. I truly cannot thank her enough for the way she has improved my health and well-being. The service is always friendly and professional."


I have sorely missed my monthly acupuncture appointment with Jo during lock down. My visit last week has had a dramatic (good!) affect on my health and well being. I really can't recommend acupuncture - and Jo Phillips in particular - highly enough.


"In my sessions with Jo I have found her to have a knowledge and a wisdom of acupuncture that are well beyond her years and experience.  She was not phased by my situation in any way--in fact the opposite.  She delved in with a compassion and professionalism that served to put me at ease, and provided a confidence that I have seldom come across in any healthcare field, whether mainstream or alternative."





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