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Covid-19 Secure Policy

This confirms that Jo Phillips Acupuncture has carried out the five key criteria to becoming a ‘Covid-19 Secure’ business and as such is eligible to display the Governments ‘Covid-19 Secure’ poster 

Jo Phillips Acupuncture will continue to practise in accordance with the British Acupuncture Council’s Guide to Safe Practice for Acupuncture.

Jo Phillips Acupuncture has completed the certified WHO training COVID-19: How to put on and remove personal protective equipment (PPE) 


Covid-19 Secure Criteria 1 - Carry out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment and share with the people who work at their practice

  • A Covid-19 risk assessment has been undertaken. This risk assessment concluded that the Arch Clinic has a comprehensive Covid 19 Standard Operating Procedure which ensures that the clinic is a safe environment. The size of Room 6 (the usual practice room of Jo Phillips Acupuncture) makes social distancing when not treating impossible, and so practice will temporarily resume in a larger treatment room. 


Covid-19 Secure Criteria 2 - Have cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance

  • Cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures are in line with the ‘Covid-19 secure’ guidance

    • Patients will wash their hands upon arrival in the treatment room and will be informed in advance that they are required to do this. Posters on hand washing will be visible to the patient

    • Hand washing by the practitioner will be undertaken between patients, and before and after touching the patient

    • Any surface which a patient has touched will be disinfected between patients including door handles, chairs, treatment table, and card payment terminal, and the room will be ventilated

    • 15 minutes will be allowed between patients for cleaning

    • Communal doors and toilets will be kept clean by the Arch Clinic Practice Manager in accordance with the clinic’s Standard Operating Procedure

  • No item will be used on more than one patient. Single use items will be used where possible, and other items such as couch covers, blankets, gowns, pillowcases and face cushion covers will be changed between patients

  • Any item which comes into contact with the body fluids of the patient, including PPE equipment, will be disposed of in clinical waste bags. Any item which has not come into contact with bodily fluids, for example couch roll if the patient is lying face up, will be disposed of with regular waste

  • A ‘no touch’ pedal bin will be used in the treatment room

  • Items that are used for one patient, such as towels, will be washed on a 60 degree wash cycle

  • Household disinfectant will be used for cleaning. in areas needing extra attention  such as face holes, a 70% alcohol solution will be used

  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or by contactless payment

  • Signage will be placed in the clinic room explaining all new procedures 


Covid-19 Secure Criteria 3 - Take all reasonable steps to help people work from home

  • Jo Phillips Acupuncture will continue to work from home where possible and assist patients by offering telephone consultations and delaying treatment until after lockdown, unless the patient presents as requiring emergency care. 

    • Any patient needing emergency care will be evaluated by telephone and only come to the clinic for treatment where completely necessary. This requirement will be recorded in their notes. 

    • Where home visits are necessary there will be communication with the patient to ensure that areas that will be walked through and where diagnosis and treatment will take place will be kept free from others for the duration of the visit. Appropriate PPE will be worn at all times.


Covid-19 Secure Criteria 4 - Take all reasonable steps to maintain a 2 metre distance in the workplace

  • Social distancing will be practised where possible

    • Patients will be contacted the day before their appointment to ensure that they are symptom free and have not been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19

    • Patients will arrive at the clinic at the time of their appointment, and reception will not be available

    • The practitioner will maintain social distancing between putting in and taking out needles. If the treatment room is too small to achieve this the practitioner will leave the room while the patient has needles in. 


Covid-19 Secure Criteria 5 - Do everything practical to manage transmission risk where people cannot be two metres apart

  • Where social distancing cannot be achieved (ie during pulse and tongue diagnosis, and acupuncture treatment) transmission risk will be managed in the following ways

    • Careful attention to hand washing and surface cleaning, keeping the activity time as short as possible and wearing PPE

    • Both practitioner and patient will wear a face mask

    • Gloves will be used for cleaning and where there is exposure to the body fluid of patients. During treatment the practitioner will wash her hands before and after touching the patient

    • Clean clothing will be put on in the clinic and changed if it is exposed to bodily fluid or at the end of the day. Clothing will be bagged in the clinic and taken home to wash on a 60 degree wash cycle.

    • All used PPE will be disposed of in clinical waste bins

    • Safety glasses will be worn whenever the practitioner is within 2 metres of the patient

    • Needling of the face or head will not be carried out unless it is absolutely necessary

For further information please see the Covid-19 Patient Policy for Face to Face Consultations

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